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It's not enough to just be seen; you have to start something.

Since our inception in 2007, this mantra has seen us grow from a forerunner in the viral revolution to an award-winning full-service digital agency.

Today, our handpicked in-house teams deliver expertise at every stage of campaign creation, from strategy to production.

But while we've grown, we haven't lost sight of what makes us unique: our single-minded desire to create work that doesn't just contribute to the white noise but drowns it out – building emotional connections that ensure your brand gets noticed, remembered... and shared.

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earned media

Earned Media

When someone shares one of your brand communications with a friend or network, that's earned media.

As well as giving your message greater exposure, earned media also has a powerful impact on customer behaviour.

For example, Starbucks for example, found customers 34 percent more likely to buy when content reached them via earned media. Similarly, Volkswagen saw Passat sales rise by 116 percent in the wake of 'The Force' - the most shared ad of all time.

As you can imagine, we're pretty big advocates of earned media here. But we also know what it takes to earn it. Namely, an emotional response that people simply can't keep to themselves.

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Standard never stands out. So we don't offer 'standard websites'. Instead we deliver compelling, playful and original digital experiences capable of earning media across all devices.

Our team of creative technologists are always involved from the very start of a digital project. This ensures impact and innovation go hand in hand, right from the very first click.

Rebel - Digital


Social’s like a party. If you go tohave fun and hang out with some new people, you'll be the life and soul. If you act stiff or self-conscious, you'll end up in the corner with no-one to talk to.

Our social strategists and community managers don't just post white-noise updates. They create compelling and relevant social personalities that get people talking with – and about – your brand.


People don't share content, they share experiences. So that's what we give them, injecting our videos with genuine emotion that makes people laugh, think, feel – and pass it on.

With full in-house production facilities, we maintain complete control at every stage of the creation process. Which is one of the main reasons our viral catalogue has earned a collective 35 million views.

Rebel - Virals

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